Nowadays in the 21st century, air polluted with chemical substances seriously causes the greenhouse effect and holes in the ozone layer. Hence, air pollution starts to affect people's health right from the first breath that a newborn baby takes.

The invisible killers of these horrible pollutions come from the pollutants that affect the environment on a large-scale basis. They are, namely, the SO2, NO2, O2, CO, CH, C1, etc. emitted from cars and motorcycles, industrial exhaust gases, and the great quantity of organic pesticides used on the farms. Hence, nowadays, air is no longer clean and safe.

According to a public health research report, an adult generally absorbs 12,000 liters of air daily, and every breath that he/she takes into his/her body is related to his/her health. In closely sealed and lowly ventilated spaces, how to make the air clean and free from pollution is an end in itself for all those who hope to improve the quality of air.

The Taiyi Nets Co., Ltd. was set up in 1981, with its plant facilities covering an area of 2,000 pings. In the past 23 years, it has put all of its efforts to make clean, fresh, and healthy air, which has thus greatly gained the support and
encouragement of the others in the industry. Even more than that, in the past years, it, at any cost, has introduced highly advanced foreign technology, machines, equipment, and materials to produce air filters for air conditioners, so as to enhance the productivity and product quality of Taiwanese manufacturers, and introduce high-tech dust-free clean air-conditioning to reduce the costs for pollution preven-
tion. It is absolutely clear that it has put its heart and soul on purifying air, and environmental protection. The Taiyi Nets Co., Ltd. is looking forward to your guidance and support.
A Specialist
To the Taiyi Nets Co., Ltd. and its staff members, regardless of his/her job position, can definitely have a professional job performance. In every production process, it effectively integrates the allocation of human resources, and continuously implements the internal control and auditing system, thereby strengthening the internal control management. Moreover, it also fully controls the precision, accuracy, and stability of products so as to enhance their professionalism and product quality.
"The creation of high quality" is the lifelong goal of the Tai Yi Nets Co., Ltd. To achieve this goal, it continuously promotes the cooperation with both the upstream manufacturers and the downstream retailers in the exchange of information such as technology and product quality, so
as to increase the value-added, and shorten its production process to cut its production costs. In accordance with the ISO9000 quality standards, it also develops the staff members' awareness of high product quality, and integrates the notion of product quality into every part of the company.
We deeply believe that with our mutual inter-dependence, sincere and hearty services help us build up good customer relationship, so as to provide our customers with "reasonable prices, fast delivery time, excellent services, and satisfactory services", thereby winning the support and love of all the customers.
In pace with the global competition, businesses should not limit their development to Taiwan or China, but should put efforts in developing exporting markets in different parts of the world. In an attempt to achieve the annual sales goals, increase the market share, implement
business principles, so as to increase the sales, create profits, control the business opportunities at the suitable times, and expand the businesses to the international markets, so as to keep its existing business development and expand its business scope to the outside world.
New Cross-century Ideas:
Away from the bad polluted indoors air of the 20th century, together with all of you;
Completely combining technology with people's daily lives;
Awarding several patients and invention awards, thereby gaining the recognition for its quality
products and services!
Combining high-precision production equipment and pioneering technology, it easily creates good healthy natural air indoors, purifies the hundreds of micro-molecular poisonous gases inherent in the air indoors, and increases the oxygen content of the air indoors, thereby making colleagues easily relaxed at any time, and filled with unlimited refresh- ment and energy, thereby achieving the efficacy of air purification. As a token of its great contribution to people's healthy environment, it has thus gained the recognition of its quality products and services by awarding the patents from different countries and several invention awards! With the hopes to develop high technology, since the 80's till now, high technology, be it semi-conductors, precision machinery, photo-electronics, biochemistry, pharmaceutical and food, has become indispensable in the Tai Yi Nets Co., Ltd.
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